Hey there, traveler.

We’ve got something for you.


Oh, don’t worry. It’s not another Top 5 Listacle with no substance. It’s not another “I did Paris” post.

This, friend, is your chance to go deeper.  

If you’ve ever wondered how to connect with people while you travel...

If you’ve wondered how to have authentic experiences in other places...

If you’ve ever struggled to truthfully answer the question “how was your trip?...”

Then the Inspire Travel Summit is for you.

November 27-29, 2018

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The Inspire Travel Summit is a 3-day virtual gathering engaging current and future world travelers on the big picture and the nitty gritty truths of traveling the globe.

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What you’ll learn

This is your chance to gain diverse perspectives from people who live and breathe travel. Learn how to authentically engage, positively impact communities, and get the most from your travel experience.

In this 3-day virtual gathering, current and future world travelers will:

  1. Learn tips and tricks to travel with ease

  2. Engage in meaningful conversations with industry experts

  3. Discover how to have authentic experiences abroad in order to bring positive change into the world

WHY Join Us

Not only will you walk away with tangible tools to help you travel better, but you will also gain a deeper understanding of the power that travel can have in your life, in your community and the world.

We believe travel is a catalyst for creating positive change in our world, and we know you believe that too.

That’s why we want to provide access for you to experience what’s out there.

You will walk away INSPIRED. 
Inspired to see the world in a new way.
Inspired to make positive changes within yourself and your community.
Inspired to travel with meaning and purpose.

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We’ll see you there.

November 27-29, 2018 

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Summit agenda

The summit is structured to highlight the personal, local, and global impacts of travel by focusing on sharing stories, building relationships, and connecting with one another.


Day 1: Why do we travel?

Make it Happen

The Everyday Traveler

The Art of Reflection

Traveling with Intention

Why Wellbeing Matters

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Day 2: How does travel impact communities?

Building Authentic Connections

Connecting through Language

Leave What You Know

Sports: The Universal Language

The World is your Family


Day 3: How can traveling shape our world?

Finding Your Travel Story

How Was your Trip? Tips for Documenting the Experience

Learning From Instead of Doing For

Making It Last

Sharing the Stories of Others

*Please note: final content may change.

Keynote Speakers

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Susan Lambert (Left) and Jannan Poppen (Right)

Susan Lambert (Left) and Jannan Poppen (Right)

Meet the hosts

With a shared passion for meaningful travel and yoga, Susan Lambert and Jannan Poppen were introduced by a mutual friend. From their first phone meeting, they knew they would work together in some capacity.

Little did they know, it would happen sooner than later, when synergies aligned and they met for coffee in Greenville, SC. When they both randomly (or not?) ordered egg scrambles with beets and sweet potatoes, they knew their dream of hosting the Inspire Travel Summit would come to life.