We provide an online meeting place to create authentic connections through storytelling about travel so that we can all understand the world a little better.



We believe that curiosity breeds connection

that going outside of your comfort zone leads to growth…

and that travel is a catalyst for positive change.





you’ve just arrived at your friend’s house. The door is wide open, waiting for you to come on in. When you walk in the door, dozens of people you haven’t met before greet you with wide smiles, and you instantly feel at home.

The Inspire Travel Summit creates a safe space to connect with friends, new and old

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November 5-7, 2019


The inspire travel summit is for travel-lovers who:

seek deeper travel experiences

are curious about and interested in the world

seek authentic connection

want to learn more about themselves and the world around them

are captivated by stories


I was blown away by the content of the Inspire Travel Summit. All of the interviews were fantastic, but I especially loved Aziz Abu Sarah. His story and innovative approach to travel were definitely inspiring.
— IST 2018 participant


You should join the Inspire Travel Summit if you want to:

  • learn, connect and be inspired by global travel

  • shift your perspective

  • develop more empathy

  • listen to meaningful and inspiring stories

  • share and explore your own travel story

  • push yourself to grow

  • gain a unique perspective about the world

  • celebrate diverse perspectives

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The summit will take place entirely online, so you can join from anywhere in the world.





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